Pre-employment polygraph test in progress

Why to use a pre-employment screening polygraph

After two hijackings of high value cargo in a short period and a subsequent increase in insurance premiums, a logistics company decided to make use of our services to conduct pre-employment screening and criminal record checks of prospective employees. Once a candidate had been selected for the polygraph process, they had already passed the initial interviews, reference and competency checks. After conducting the first 26 pre-employment polygraph examinations, this is what we found:

1 Fifty percent (50%) of the new applicants had previous criminal records that were not disclosed during the initial interview process with the prospective employer. Offenses ranged from driving under the influence, assault, bribery, theft, possession of or dealing in illegal drugs, possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition as well as public violence.

2 Forty six percent (46%) of the prospective employees made admittances during our uniquely formulated pre-test interview regarding previous dismissals, illegal drug use or involvement in theft at a previous workplace that were not disclosed during the initial interview process.

3 Thirty eight percent (38%) showed deception when asked questions during the polygraph examination regarding involvement in previous theft, hijacking or criminal activities that were not disclosed during the pre-examination interview or initial interview.

Since this logistics company has implemented the pre-employment polygraph examination and criminal check as part of their recruitment process, they have not had any major incident of theft or any hijacking of cargo. The pre-employment polygraph test is therefore a valuable source of information when deciding who to hire. The appointment of even one dishonest employee can result in financial losses and reputational damage to your company. Can you really afford to take a chance judging a person on face value or would you rather make an informed decision?

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