Lie Detection Solution Centre

Lie Detection Solution Centre has over 32 years of combined expertise and we have conducted thousands of various types of polygraph examinations to date. We pride ourselves on delivering a professional and efficient service with the ultimate goal of solving your investigation, being able to testify as expert witness or providing you with the most detailed information about potential employees. Respected by clients and others in the same industry alike, you can trust us to assist you with the best advice.

Polygraph Testing

During this procedure, the latest computer technology is utilized where a subject is connected to a computerized polygraph instrument simultaneously recording thoracic and abdominal…

Background Screening

Performing a background check on potential employees will simplify your decisions, boost your success when hiring and reduce unnecessary staff turnover…

Criminal Record

A candidate’s criminal record can be checked via scanning of his/her fingerprints for comparison with the South African Police Service’s national database. During arrests…


Few companies have their own internal investigators to conduct investigations into theft, fraud, robbery, burglary, assault and malicious damage to property as…

Industries we work with

  • Security
  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • Courier and Logistics
  • IT & IT installation
  • Cleaning and Hospitality
  • Motor and Transport Industry
  • Service industry


“ I have been actively involved with the members of Lie Detection Solution Centre for the past 13 years and have always received a professional service. As a private investigator my synergy with this company has not only proven to add value to my business but has allowed me to confidentially recommend their services to all of my clients.”
Alan Carey
Alan Carey Consultanting

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