Criminal record check for new employee

Doing a criminal record check on a potential employee is quick and easy.

Step 1: Phone us for an appointment;

Step 2: The candidate must present himself/herself to our office with a copy of their ID;

Step 3: The candidate’s fingerprints are taken and submitted to the SAPS national database;

Step 4: Results are e-mailed within 24-48 hours.

Should the candidate be unable to present himself/herself to our office, the candidate can go to the nearest police station, have his/her fingerprints captured on a SAPS 91A, and submit this document together with the necessary consent form and a copy of the the ID to our office. This process does take longer.

Although the results are both issued by the South African Police Service, this criminal check is different from a Police Clearance Certificate that is issued for emigration purposes or for travel or employment abroad.

For more information on the process and cost for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate, please visit

Cost of verification from R220 excluding VAT.