Theft of money and stock from a warehouse

Lie Detector Test Theft
Lie Detector Test Theft

Last week, I was requested to conduct specific polygraph examinations where there was a suspicion that stock was being sold and instead of money being banked, it was illegally shared among employees. One employee that was requested to undergo the polygraph examination, admitted prior to the polygraph examination that he was involved in theft of money paid for stock by customers to the value of R6000 in the prior week and also admitted to taking various stock items without paying for it. He further implicated the warehouse manager as well as production manager of being involved in the theft of cash paid by customers. Because of his confession, one of questions on the polygraph examination was changed as follow:

Are you now withholding any information about other incidences where you took money that a customer paid for stock of this business?

After being informed by the Examiner during the post examination that Deception was detected and he was not being truthful when denying involvement in other incidences of theft of money, he admitted to further theft of money paid by customers for stock.

Will an insurance claim pay out if drivers license is false?

One of the documents that must be submitted to your insurance company when submitting any claim relating to a company vehicle or truck, is a valid driver’s license and Professional Driving Permit of the driver who drove the company vehicle at the time of the incident. However, due to rampant falsification of drivers licenses and PDP’s, some insurance companies now require verification of a drivers license and PDP and will not pay out the claim if it is false, even if the employer was unaware that the drivers license was falsified. 

We can assist with verification of a South African drivers license and Professional Driving Permit within two business days.

Foreign nationals from Zimbabwe require the following valid documents in order to transport goods in South Africa if they do not have a South African drivers license namely a Zimbabwe Drivers license, a Defensive Drivers license and International Driver’s Licence. We can verify these documents within 3 (three) business days once a valid consent form and copies of the documents have been received.

Please contact us to assist you with verification of a South African drivers license or foreign drivers’ documents to ensure your insurance claims will be paid out.

No subscription or membership fees, only pay per verification.

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